About Us

What we do

We have always been those people who can fix anything. Repair knowledge is not enough without skills. From roofing to basements, we have fostered all of the skills you need for household repairs and improvements. 

In addiction to providing services to home owners, we provide regular maintenance work for property management companies.  Our services include the standard move in/out turnovers, clean outs, general maintenance work while the tenant is still in the home, and complete remodels if needed.

Renovation at a Fair Price

Whether you need a major repair, a renovation, or to check off a list of honey-dos, we can deliver professional skills at a fair price. It is our highest priority to get the job done right the first time on every assignment. 

Individualized Repair Options

We provide a full consultation to explain available options so that you can choose the service that’s right for your home or business. We strive  to meet your project's needs and also to prevent potential problems in the future.   Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. And we can also plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs.